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Managing Change Successfully

change management Often managers and leaders are overwhelmed by the complexity of change they face, and the crippling amount of work involved.
Major change requires significant behaviour change at all levels in an organisation. But which behaviours, in what areas, and how do you achieve it?

Change Management Solutions

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Gain Understanding

changeindex360© is a specialised online survey that helps with the ‘softer’ issues of change, such as

  • the level of understanding and acceptance of the reasons for change
  • the quality of leadership and teamwork
  • the effects of the change management activities 

You can measure progress on a regular basis, and then focus on the areas ‘that really matter’, based on a proper understanding rather than on a set of assumptions.

You can use the feedback to raise awareness at all levels of the organisation about the priorities and successes achieved.

Leaders and managers gain commitment, establish ownership and maintain momentum within the organisation, which helps them achieve the goals of the change programme .
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As a kick off to a change management programme, changeindex360© helped identify the priorities and build consensus on what should be tackled first.  I have recommended that we run it again so we can track progress”.

Regional Manager, J & J UK.

changeindex360© can be used for any number of people, from a small team to a whole organisation. Comparisons can easily be made between different groups, functions, and levels to identify particularly successful or problematic areas.

changeindex360© was developed in 2001, and has been used successfully by a variety of different organisations including; J & J UK and the Learning & Skills Council.

To find out how changeindex360©  can help your organisation, contact us now for more information.

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Change Management Workshops

Our one-day Change Management Workshops are designed to deliver maximum value from the information obtained from the changeindex360© surveys and Focus Groups.

The workshops are tailored to focus on the needs of each participant or group, using the feedback gathered in advance by the survey, so that each individual leaves the workshop with their own measurable action plan.

Each workshop includes:

  • Individual feedback to team leaders and team members - to identify their strengths & weaknesses
  • How to be a better manager of change
  • How to build a culture to address change successfully

To find out more about our Change Management Workshops, contact us now for more information.

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Personality Profiling
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Focus Groups
Focus Groups are particularly valuable for building on the information obtained from index360© surveys and questionnaires. More>>
Pulse Surveys
Take a ‘rain-check’ on progress in between index360© surveys and questionnaires using our Pulse Surveys. More>>



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