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Improving Equality & Diversity in the Workplace

Equality and Diversity

In just over seven years only a fifth of the workforce will be white, able-bodied, male and under 45, according to Acas.

We live in an increasingly diverse society. Our working environment is integrated into the global economy and impacts on all aspects of our lives.

For organisations to succeed in this competitive world they cannot ignore the wealth of skills and experience a diverse society brings. How organisations respond to the challenge of diversity is increasingly important in determining their success, as employers, providers of services, and businesses.

Equality and Diversity Solutions

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Gaining Understanding

equalityDiversityindex360© is an ideal assessment tool for organisations. It is designed to obtain honest and reliable information from employees that can be used to help identify gaps in equality policy and practice and set goals for sustainable improvement.

Who will benefit from using equalityDiversityindex360©?

  • Organisations in the early stages of developing and implementing equality and diversity policies, procedures and initiatives
  • Organisations needing an assessment mechanism to support other national standards such as the Equality Standard for Local Government
  • Leaders and managers who need to measure performance to maintain continuous service improvement

equality Diversity index360

equalityDiversity diagram

You can measure progress on a regular basis, and use the feedback to raise awareness at all levels of the organisation about the priorities and successes achieved.

“South Essex Homes used the equalityDiversityindex360© process to evaluate the effectiveness of our training, give us a signpost to what was working well in the Company and show us where we need to do more.

Staff found it straightforward to use and I was impressed at how promptly I received the results. The analysis was revealing – we were reassured that our significant investment in training was working but found that we have other areas that need attention.

An initiative like this enables us to evaluate whether our valuable training budget and staff time is being used wisely; we have identified some helpful learning points; but most importantly it’s a useful quality check that we are improving access for our service users”.

Mike Gatrell, Chief Executive, South Essex Homes.

A real-life perspective on the effectiveness of equalityDiversityindex360©

equalityDiversityindex360© can be used for any number of people from a small team to a whole organisation. Comparisons on the effective implementation of organisational equality policies and procedures can be made between different groups, functions and levels within the organisation

equalityDiversityindex360© was developed in late 2006 and has been used successfully by South Essex Homes and Chelmer Housing Partnership.

Read about how South Essex Homes benefited from using equalityDiversityindex360©.

To find out how equalityDiversityindex360© can help your organisation contact us now for more information.

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Equality and Diversity Workshops

Our one-day Equality and Diversity Workshops are designed to deliver maximum value from the information obtained from the equalityDiversityindex360© surveys and Focus Groups if appropriate.

The workshops are tailored to focus on the needs of each participant/group, using the feedback gathered in advance by the survey, so that each individual leaves the workshop with their own measurable action plan.

Each workshop includes:

  • Feedback to team leaders and team members - to identify strengths & weaknesses
  • How to improve awareness of equality and diversity issues within the organisation

To find out more about our Equality and Diversity Workshops, contact us now for more information.

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Focus Groups
Focus Groups are particularly valuable for building on the information obtained from index360© surveys and questionnaires. More>>
Pulse Surveys
Take a ‘rain-check’ on progress in between index360© surveys and questionnaires using our Pulse Surveys. More>>



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