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360 Degree Feedback Questionnaires

Premium Product - Premium Service index360 360 degree feedback questionnaires

Our comprehensive range of ready-to-go online 360 degree feedback questionnaires provide you with the right tools to conduct any number of individual employee appraisals and self-assessments, and employee surveys. Whatever the size of your organisation, you buy just what you need without having to invest in expensive software or a long-term contract.

We don’t just sell you a questionnaire; we provide expert support throughout the entire process ensuring you select the most appropriate 360 degree feedback questionnaires and achieve the best possible results.

There are three different types of questionnaire; 360 Degree Appraisals, 360 Degree Surveys and Self-Assessments.

360 degree appraisals 360 Degree Appraisals gather feedback on the skills of a particular individual who completes a self-appraisal questionnaire with their line manager, colleagues, peers, direct reports and customers as appropriate.

employee surveys 360 Degree Surveys gather feedback from a particular group of people about something that affects them all. 

Self-assessments Self-Assessments are typically used for 1-2-1 coaching sessions, where the subject is very personal to that individual concerned, and where other people’s perspective is not required. 

360 Degree Appraisals 360 Degree Surveys Self-Assessments

360 Degree Appraisals

leadershipindex360 coachingindex360 teamcoachingindex360 EQindex360 salesindex360
360 degree appraisals on leadership 360 degree appraisals on coaching skills 360 degree appraisals on team coaching 360 degree appraisals on emotional intelligence 360 degree appraisals on selling skills

You can choose from a range of appraisals to suit different circumstances, and have an unlimited number of respondents per appraisal.

 leadershipindex360© - Encourage, develop and promote leadership skills

  • Identify good leaders in your organisation and encourage them to share best practice
  • Measure your employees' leadership skills
  • Design training interventions based on ‘real’ needs with measurable results

“The use of the leadershipindex360© questionnaire at the start was an essential element along with objective setting and clear measurement allowing us to understand the starting point for the programme.  Again at the end we repeated the index360© questionnaire process to ensure changes in behaviour and leadership were recognised by the management team, their direct reports and colleagues.  This also provided us with valuable supporting evidence for the overall performance measures at the end of the programme

Natalie Read, Head of Recruitment Training & Development at BT Business Sales.

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 coachingindex360© and teamCoachingindex360© will

  • Encourage, develop and promote a coaching culture
  • Provide a focus and structure to coaching relationships
  • Measure managers’ performance in individual and team coaching
  • Design training that is based on ‘real’ needs with measurable results
  • Encourage the sharing of ‘best practice’ amongst managers

“We have been using coachingindex360© as part of our selection and development process.
Using coachingindex360© has enabled us to gauge exactly where individuals need development in their coaching skills.  It has also helped us to discover that some of our people didn't fully understand what coaching could entail and one of the benefits is that they are now able to identify the occasions where they are already actively coaching.We are now putting together development plans and will be able to measure their ongoing coaching effectiveness”.

Steve White - Training & Development Manager, Birmingham Midshires


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EQindex360© is used to measure emotional intelligence.

  • Encourage, develop and promote the importance of managing relationships effectively at work
  • Ensure that managers understand the importance of self-awareness and awareness of others when managing people
  • Retain top performers
  • Encourage people to be more open and discuss their own feelings more freely

"...I believe the major plus points were that firstly we had an objective starting point. The feedback was there and we had plenty to go on. All the goals could be set around closing the exposed gaps. The tool has a very positive slant and both my coachees were pleasantly surprised that feedback can be positive too”. 

David Wignall, Swanforce Ltd

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salesindex360© helps you:

• Find out whether sales people have the selling competencies required in order to achieve their sales targets
• Encourage, develop and promote good selling practices
• Provide a focus and structure for coaching relationships with Sales Managers
• Design training interventions based on ‘real’ needs that are measurable
• Encourage the sharing of ‘best practice’ amongst sales people

“It gave me an objective and true appraisal of the morale and feelings of my sales organisation, in the past it had been difficult to gauge this effectively when running a multi-team sales business. I now know more clearly where the strengths and development needs of my team really are”,

Nigel Slater, Head of Sales, Merial Animal Health

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360 Degree Surveys


changeindex360 salesPerformanceindex360 equalityDiversityindex360
360 degree feedback surveys on team development 360 degree feedback surveys on change 360 degree feedback surveys on sales team performance 360 degree feedback surveys on equality and diversity

workLifeindex360 confictResolutionindex360 stressindex360
360 degree surveys on work life balance

360 degree surveys on conflict resolution

360 degree feedback surveys on stress management

teamindex360© helps with the ‘softer’ issues of team performance, such as

  • The level of understanding and acceptance of the team’s strategy and how it fits into the business
  • The quality of leadership and management
  • How conflict is managed
  • The degree of honesty, trust and commitment within the team

“It was also very helpful to compare the different functions and discuss each team’s performance with their manager whilst also being able to share good practice within the management team. The company feedback session worked extremely well as we were able to focus on the’ real’ issues in an unemotional way and get everyone involved in the discussions”.

Casper van Dongen, General Manager, Chefaro UK.

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Major change requires significant behaviour change at all levels in an organisation. changeindex360©  will identify

  • the level of understanding and acceptance of the reasons for change
  • the quality of leadership and teamwork
  • the effects of the change management activities 

"leadershipindex360© is an integral part of our Management Development Programme. It has provided our Managers with honest and reliable feedback on a key skill area that is seen by the Company as an essential part of their job and a critical element in their Performance Development Programme ". 

 J & J, UK

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salesPerformanceindex360© is designed to obtain honest and reliable information from members of your sales teams

  • Measure what sales people really think about the issues facing them
  • Measure the quality of leadership and teamwork
  • Gauge the level of customer and marketplace knowledge
  • Evaluate the success of Selling Skills Training 
  • Review the effectiveness of internal systems and processes

"salesPerformanceindex360© has been a crucial catalyst for some important changes within the organisation. The whole process proved extremely simple and the information and feedback that we got formed the basis of some key strategic decision making for the next twelve months and beyond. It provided the ideal environment for my people to be open and constructive. Everyone involved in the process from me down to the sales people have found it extremely productive".

Managing Director, Tom James (Europe) Ltd

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equalityDiversityindex360© is an ideal assessment tool to identify gaps in equality policy and practice and set goals for sustainable improvement.

Who will benefit from using equalityDiversityindex360©?

  • Organisations in the early stages of developing and implementing equality and diversity policies, procedures and initiatives
  • Organisations needing an assessment mechanism to support other national standards such as the Equality Standard for Local Government
  • Leaders and managers who need to measure performance to maintain continuous service improvement

"...equalityDiversityindex360© is quick and easy to use and has given us a valuable health check in this important area”.

Mike Gatrell, Chief Executive, South Essex Homes

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conflictResolutionindex360© - helping managers and HR professionals design effective strategies for successful conflict resolution.

  • Equips you with the knowledge needed in order to improve performance through effective conflict management.
  • Reduces the time that is wasted in your organisation on petty squabbles and disputes between staff which in some cases lead on to serious problems.
  • Opens up some of those difficult conversations between staff and customers that can help you to improve your business.
  • A systemic analysis of how conflict arises and is managed in your organisation,
  • Enables you to design and implement solutions to meet your specific needs.

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 workLifeindex360© helps leaders and managers to:

  • Obtain a clear measure of what employees really think about how the organisation is tackling work/life balance issues
  • Initiate discussions and gain involvement among employees
  • Structure 1-2-1 coaching to improve the balance

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stressindex360© gives you valuable insights into:

  • the demands made on employees
  • the level of control employees have over their work
  • the support employees receive from managers and colleagues
  • the clarity of an employee’s role within the organisation
  • the nature of relationships at work; and the way that change is managed

Leaders and managers can use the feedback received from the stressindex360© survey to:

  • Continuously improve the way they tackle work-related stress
  • Ascertain where to focus attention to reduce work-related stress
  • Measure the effect on stress levels during periods of major change

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Self Assessments

workLifeindex360 careerindex360
360 degree feedback on work life balance 360 degree feedback on career development

workLifeindex360©  is a specialised online self-assessment designed to obtain honest and reliable information from individuals about their current work/life balance.

workLifeindex360© helps to structure 1-2-1 coaching interventions by providing a focus on where to open up discussions in order to improve.

“I have used the work/life balance questionnaire with great results. The questionnaire is quick and simple to use and helps myself as the coach gain a head start in helping my client to focus on their needs. I found the results are clear for everyone to understand and allow for real in depth coaching to take place.

The benchmarking that shows differences before and after coaching quantitatively demonstrates the effectiveness of the changes taking place and is very useful when asked to measure the outcomes of this type of intervention”.

Katerina Rose, Director of Inspire Development

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  • Helps employees manage their own careers
  • Enables managers to facilitate effective discussions with employees about their career, helping them to think through and focus on areas that need to be addressed before making a decision on any career move
  • Provides career coaches with a structure and focus when initial discussions take place with employees

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