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Developing High Performance Teams

High Performance Teams Managers need to develop and sustain High Performing Teams. We help them to gain commitment from their teams, and then take practical action to improve their team's performance.

For top teams it is essential that they maintain their performance and create the right environment to encourage the ‘blue-printing’ of best practice so that they achieve corporate goals.

Team Performance Solutions

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Gain Understanding

teamindex360© is a specialised online survey designed to obtain honest and reliable information from team members in the organisation.

Leaders and managers can use the feedback received from the survey to prioritise where to spend their time and resources most effectively to improve team performance.

teamindex360© helps with the ‘softer’ issues of team performance, such as

  • The level of understanding and acceptance of the team’s strategy and how it fits into the business
  • The quality of leadership and management
  • How conflict is managed
  • The degree of honesty, trust and commitment within the team

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You can measure progress on a regular basis, and focus on the areas ‘that really matter’, based on a proper understanding rather than on a set of assumptions.

You can use the feedback to raise awareness at all levels of the organisation about the priorities and successes achieved.

You are also able to ‘blue-print’ best practice as the feedback received can be categorised in order to draw comparisons between different teams in the organisation.

Leaders and managers gain commitment, establish ownership and maintain momentum within the organisation, which helps them achieve their goals.

“teamindex360© is a speedy way of getting people to start to talk about things, to focus on the important areas and to discuss different points of view in an  open and frank way, enabling everyone to explore together their different attitudes about being in the team.  It was an excellent mechanism for informing us about where we sat in the organisation and how we related to other teams.   It showed us where we needed to work on our relationships within the team and to understand that we are all different.  Everyone really took ownership of what existed and we were able to highlight what we had to do to change”.

Catherine Sweet, Commercial Director, Local Government Association.

teamindex360© can be used with any number of people, from a small team to a whole organisation.  Comparisons can easily be made between different groups, functions, levels to identify particularly successful or problematic areas.

teamindex360© was developed in 1984 and piloted with BP Oil, ASDA and Mothercare in response to a need from clients to provide a practical tool to help improve team performance. 

Since its inception over 2,500 teams have used teamindex360© in organisations including:

  • Johnson & Johnson,
  • Tropicana,
  • Coors Brewers,
  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers,
  • Britvic Soft Drinks,
  • Telewest,
  • Electrolux,
    • Argos,
    • Orange,
    • Amersham Health,
    • NHS,
    • Novartis Pharmaceuticals,
    • Lifescan
    • dabs.com.

    To find out how teamindex360© can help your organisation, contact us now for more information.

    Read about how it was used by an Interim Manager in a public sector organisation who was recruited to improve performance in a newly created disparate Department.

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    Team Development Workshops

    Our one-day Team Development Workshops are designed to deliver maximum value from the information obtained from the teamindex360© surveys and Focus Groups, if appropriate.

    The workshops are tailored to focus on the needs of each participant or group, using the feedback gathered in advance by the survey, so that each individual leaves the workshop with their own measurable action plan.

    Each workshop includes:

    • Feedback to the team - to identify strengths & weaknesses
    • How to become a high performing team
    • How to build a culture to share best practice with other teams

    To find out more about our Team Development Workshops, contact us now for more information.

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    Team Building Events

    Our team building events are designed to deliver maximum value from the information obtained from the teamindex360© surveys, workshops and focus groups where appropriate.

    Our events are tailored to build on the strengths and focus on the development needs of each team, using the feedback gathered in advance by the survey, so that each individual or team leaves the event enthused and motivated to work together to improve team performance.

    Each event incorporates elements that are:

    • Fun and challenging at a number of different levels, both intellectual and physical 
    • Structured so that each person has a role to play 
    • Designed to ensure that everyone feels they have been able to contribute to the overall success of the team

    “We use The Communication Challenge because they will listen to our specific requirements and develop a thoroughly professional and well-implemented team event without us having to spend hours discussing the detail.
    Valerie Heritage is the brains and main organiser behind the events and all of the people she works with to deliver them are skilled, knowledgeable, professional and thoroughly nice people to work with.
    Coors Brewers IS have always achieved their objectives and have had a return on investment from team events organised by Valerie and in addition it has been a pleasure working with a great team of people.
    I cannot speak highly enough of Valerie and I can totally recommend The Communication Challenge”.

    Roger Brindley, Head of IS Customer Services Coors Brewers Ltd.

    To find out more about our Team Building Events, contact us now for more information.

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