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Developing High Performing Sales Teams

Sales team performance No matter how well a company is run, if the sales teams are underperforming, then the organisation will fail to live up to its true potential.

It’s a given that the most successful companies are always looking for ways to improve their sales performance - but how do you achieve it?

Sales Team Performance Solutions

Gain Insight

salesPerformanceindex360© is a specialised online survey designed to obtain honest and reliable information from members of your sales teams.

Leaders and managers can use the feedback received from the survey to prioritise where to spend their time and resources most effectively to deliver improvements in performance.

Why use salesPerformanceindex360©?

  • To provide a clear measure of what sales people really think about the issues facing them
  • To measure the quality of leadership and teamwork
  • To gauge the level of customer and marketplace knowledge
  • To evaluate the success of Selling Skills Training 
  • To review the effectiveness of internal systems and processes

sales performance index360

You can measure progress on a regular basis, and the focus on the areas ‘that really matter’, based on a proper understanding rather than on a set of assumptions.

You can use the feedback to raise awareness at all levels of the organisation about the priorities and successes achieved.

You are also able to ‘blue-print’ best practice as the feedback received can be categorised in order to draw comparisons between different parts of the sales organisation.

Leaders and managers gain commitment, establish ownership and maintain momentum within the sales organisation, which helps them achieve their targets.

“It gave me an objective and true appraisal of the morale and feelings of my sales organisation, in the past it had been difficult to gauge this effectively when running a mult-team sales business. I now know more clearly where the strengths and development needs of my team really are”,

Nigel Slater, Head of Sales, Merial Animal Health

"I have tasked our salespeople to research 15 of our competitors and present their findings back to the rest of the team. This has resulted in the creation of a library of competitors which is being updated and enriched regularly.'' New Horizons has also reviewed its sales team's personal development plans to reflect the initiatives taken. "We think this will help to drive and motivate the team”.

Kelly Davis, Sales Team Manager of New Horizons Training

salesPerformanceindex360© can be used for any number of people from a small team to a whole department Comparisons can easily be made between different groups, functions, levels to identify particularly successful or problematic areas. 


salesPerformanceindex360© was used in 2006 as an integral part of a groundbreaking research project endorsed by ISMM (Institute of Sales & Marketing Management and STA (Sales Training Association) into the current health of sales teams. 


The research involved over 400 participants from 19 different organisations which included; 02, Wella, Brakes Food Solutions, GlaxoSmithKline, Master Foods, Novartis Consumer Health, Xerox, Merial Animal Health and J & J UK. 


‘Blind Faith and the Bottom Line’ Executive Summary.


Daily Telegraph article.


Article in Director Magazine.


To find out how salesPerformanceindex360© can help your organisation contact us now for more information.


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