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Creating the Right Work-Life Balance

work life balance We all know that getting an organisation’s work life balance right should improve staff recruitment and retention, and that an effective work life balance policy should increase productivity. But having a policy is not enough; it also has to have a real impact on the way the staff work, how they think of themselves and their home life, and their satisfaction with their job and working relationships.

Work-Life Balance Solutions

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Gain Insight

workLifeindex360© is a specialised online survey/self-assessment designed to obtain honest and reliable information from groups and individuals in the organisation.

workLifeindex360© helps leaders and managers to:

  • Obtain a clear measure of what employees really think about how the organisation is tackling work/life balance issues
  • Initiate discussions and gain involvement among employees
  • Structure 1-2-1 coaching

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“I have used the work/life balance questionnaire with great results. The questionnaire is quick and simple to use and helps myself as the coach gain a head startin helpingmy client focus on their needs. I found the results are clearfor everyone tounderstand and allows forreal in depth coaching to take place.

The benchmarking with shown differences before and after coaching quantatively demonstrates the effectiveness of the changes taking place and is very useful when asked to measure the outcomes of this type of intervention”.

Katerina Rose, Director of Inspire Development

workLifeindex360© can be used it with any number of people, on an individual or team basis, or extended to the whole of an organisation.

workLifeindex360© helps the organisation pinpoint where they should be focussing their efforts to improve. It has been used by a variety of organisations including J & J UK and the Local Government Association.

To find out how workLifeindex360© can help your organisation contact us now for more information.

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Work-Life Balance Workshops

Our one-day Work/Life Balance Workshops are designed to deliver maximum value from the information obtained from the workLifeindex360© surveys and Focus Groups if appropriate.

The workshops are tailored to focus on the needs of each participant/group, using the feedback gathered in advance by the survey, so that each individual leaves the workshop with their own measurable action plan.

Each workshop includes:

  • Individual feedback to team leaders and team members - to identify strengths & weaknesses
  • How to be a better manager of change
  • How to build a culture to address change successfully

To find out more about our Work-Life Balance Workshops, contact us now for more information.

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