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Solving and Resolving Problems in your Workplace

conflict resolution solutions How much time is wasted in your organisation on petty squabbles and disputes between staff which in some cases lead on to serious problems? For most companies the answer is 'quite a lot'. 

conflictResolutionindex360© will help you to sort out things quickly and effectively. It will provide you with a systemic analysis of how conflict arises and is managed in your organisation, and give you the necessary information to help your managers and HR professionals design effective strategies for successful conflict resolution.

conflict resolution solutions

Gaining understanding

We work with expert consultants who can build on the conflictResolutionindex360© survey to help you to resolve conflicts and help you to get better at understanding and dealing with conflicts that may arise in the future.

We'll help you discover how opening up some of those difficult conversations between staff or with your customers can actually help you to improve your business.

Our holistic approach focuses on working with your organisation or business to equip you with the knowledge and skills to improve performance through effective conflict management.

Improvements will then be monitored and measured so that you can be confident of getting value for money.

We provide a full range of conflict resolution and associated services for you to choose from.
• Assessment of your current conflict management systems using conflictResolutionindex360©
• A full mediation service to deal with workplace disputes. This will be available and encouraged as an early informal resolution service, but it can be used at all stages of a dispute.
• Root Cause Analysis
• Business Coaching and Leadership training
• Specialist Training in all aspects of conflict management - from National Open College Network Accredited mediator training to half or full day skills workshops delivered in-house and designed to your particular requirements.

Conflict Resolution Workshops

Our one-day Conflict Resolution Workshops are designed to deliver maximum value from the information obtained from conflictResolutionindex360© surveys and Focus Groups.
The workshops are tailored to focus on the needs of each participant/group, using the feedback gathered in advance by the survey, so that each individual leaves the workshop with their own measurable action plan.
Each workshop includes:
• Feedback to team leaders and team members - to identify strengths & weaknesses
• How to improve awareness of conflict issues within the organisation

To find out more about our Conflict Resolution Workshops, contact us now for more information.

Focus Groups 

Focus Groups are particularly valuable for building on the information obtained from index360© surveys and questionnaires. More>>

Pulse Surveys 

Take a ‘rain-check’ on progress in between index360© surveys and questionnaires using our Pulse Surveys>>

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